All Police and Fire agencies in the Urban Core and the Saanich Peninsula, have moved successfully onto the new P25 system. BC Ambulance Services will move over early in January 2020.

Did You Know:

P25 upgrade increases the system capacity by 30% supporting over 2,500 mobile and portable radios.

What Emergency Responders are saying: “WOW What a difference.”

“I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say the new P-25 system is working great. We did a few test buildings after we switched and wow what a difference – everything is coming in crystal clear. The crews took the portables into FMF 250 which in the past is a bad building for comms. There was no problem anywhere in the building even inside an elevator with the doors closed comms was no problem.” 

Gordie Douglas
Fire Chief, CFB Esquimalt

Remind me – What is P25

P25 technology is considered a world standard and offers many improved system features that will strengthen public and emergency responder safety.  P25 offers improved audio clarity, coverage and allows emergency responders to back each other up through seamless interoperability features. P25 incorporates a suite of standards for digital radio communications used by federal, provincial state and local emergency response agencies across North America.

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