CREST is incorporated under the BC Business Corporations Act and regulated by the Emergency Communications Corporations Act. It is a private emergency communications not-for-profit corporation owned by its shareholders and governed by a Board of Directors.

The 20-member Board is responsible for overseeing the Corporation’s strategic direction, its finances, governance and operating results. The members of the Board are nominated by CREST shareholders.
CREST has a small management team, headed by a General Manager that is accountable to the Board for the day-to-day administration of the Corporation.


CREST is largely funded through user agency fees — those organizations using the system. User fees are based on:

  • The geographic size of the area they serve,
  • The population of the area,
  • The number of radios required, and
  • The amount of radio traffic generated.

In addition, the Capital Regional District contracts with CREST to provide an emergency communications system for the region.

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