Strategic Priorities

CREST completed its four-year $24.5 million technology upgrade in 2020 further strengthening the Capital Region’s ability to be self-reliant in the event of a natural disaster.

The new CREST P25 network is considered a world standard in public safety communications.

Ensuring optimal performance of the P25 network and continued fiscal sustainability underly CREST’s strategic priorities for the next five years.

Strategic Plan Highlights

CREST has measurable goals in 4 key areas

Goal 1 – Confidence of Shareholders and User Agency Organizations

Goal 2 – Public Safety Service Excellence

Goal 3 – Organizational Effectiveness

Goal 4 – Financial Performance

CREST is committed to staying at the forefront of trends and new developments in emergency communications.

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2023 Annual Report

The CREST network experienced its third consecutive year of record-breaking system utilization in 2023, evidence of the strength and performance reliability of the P25 network, and a reminder of the heightened responsibilities being shouldered by our user agencies throughout the Capital Region. The CREST network consistently handled one transmission every three seconds, a clear demonstration of the network’s capacity, and the critical role that CREST plays in supporting of our region’s 3,000+ emergency response personnel who safeguard our communities.

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2022 Annual Report

Ensuring optimal performance of the CREST network, and prudent fiscal stewardship in the face of worldwide inflationary pressures made for a successful and interesting year. The network seamlessly handled another record-year of transmissions without service interruption, a testament to the reliability of the CREST system and the organization’s team of dedicated employees. Where extreme weather events knocked out power, connectivity on the CREST network was uninterrupted, and when emergency response agencies needed to respond to urgent situations, the network performed as designed.

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2021 Annual Report

Historic events continued to influence and shape our lives in 2021. Coronavirus variants, atmospheric rivers, fires and heat domes, along with global supply chain disruptions all contributed to a roller coaster of social and economic impacts that reverberated across the Capital Region, and around the world. CREST handled more transmissions in this twelve-month period than in our organization’s twenty-year history, and the system responded seamlessly 24/7.

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2020 Annual Report

2020 was a defining year for CREST as we successfully transitioned user agencies in the Westshore, Pacific Rim and Gulf Island areas onto the new ‘next generation’ digital P25 emergency telecommunications network. The completion of this ‘next generation’ technology upgrade across the Capital Region proved to be both prudent and timely as our region, like the rest of the world, was navigating the uncertainties and complex challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2019 Annual Report

2019 was a pivotal year for CREST as public safety agencies in the Core Area as well as on the Saanich Peninsula successfully upgraded from the 15-year old mixed mode (analog/digital) network to the new digital P25 network.

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