Linking Emergency response agencies across the region

CREST provides emergency radio communications for 50 emergency response agencies in B.C.’s Capital Region. This includes fire departments, police departments and ambulance services. Over 7.5 million calls per year go through the system, or one call every four seconds.

CREST was formed in 2001 and its radio communications network has been operational since 2003. CREST is currently undertaking a 3-year,  $24.5 million technology upgrade, migrating the existing system to a new P25 North American standard.

Vision: A recognized leader in public safety communications: responsive, resilient, connected.
Mission: Providing effective emergency communications for the safety of our communities.


The CREST approach allows all of our region’s primary emergency response agencies to use the same system, the same technology and the same world-class standard of communication. This ‘one-system’ approach is the ideal model in which to address public safety from an emergency communications perspective. It allows for interoperability, reliability and efficiency of communications among all responding agencies. CREST also provides training to users of the P25 system and maintains the significant technology infrastructure of the system.