CREST currently have a small group of talented technical personnel. During the P25 system buildout we took on 2 young engineering graduates, on a contract basis, to provide additional resources to the project. They have been essential to our success, and we believed we should retain that expertise and make them permanent. The Board supported adding this capacity to continue to support an ever-increasing complex network and the fifty emergency agencies that rely on technical help to do their jobs.

Sajjad Rajput is a Systems Engineer at CREST who graduated from the University of Victoria in 2019. Sajjad has a degree in Electrical Engineering specialized in Electrical Energy Systems, and Electromagnetics and Photonics. He completed two cooperative work terms with CREST in 2017 before joining the team. His hobbies include practicing and teaching Jiu Jitsu, as well as cooking.

Nathan Eden joined CREST as a System Engineer in 2018. He graduated from the University of Calgary with an Electrical Engineering Degree and is working towards becoming a Professional Engineer. Nathan is a rock-climbing enthusiast and loves exploring the Island.

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