CREST is currently upgrading its’ thirteen-year-old emergency communications technology. We are migrating the existing system to a new P25 digital system — the preferred technology for emergency responders across North America.

Currently, there are gaps in emergency coverage in Esquimalt. In order to address these gaps, a critical piece of public safety infrastructure called a communications mono-pole will be erected in Highrock Park. This mono-pole is very similar to the mono-pole that is on the Gorge Vale Golf Course. To connect the mono-pole to power, 400 ft / 122 m of cable will be run through a 2 in / 5 cm pipe. The pipe will be embedded below ground alongside trails, and a power supply box will be installed on municipal land adjacent to the stairs on Highrock Avenue.

The mono-pole will address the coverage gaps and strengthen public safety. Emergency responders – fire, police and ambulance – are fully supportive of having this mono—pole installed as it will enable them to better serve and protect residents throughout the community.

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