In November 2020, CREST engaged Strategic Initiatives to undertake a formal User Satisfaction Survey to set benchmark measures for the new P25 network, and to gather feedback to assist the CREST organization’s commitment to continual improvement.

The two major takeaways from the survey are that training continues to be a focal point with a high correlation between satisfaction of the system and devices, when training opportunities have been provided, and taken. The second is the very high satisfaction with staff when it comes to support, service, and knowledge.

Findings include:
• Mobile (vehicle) radio users reported high levels of satisfaction with their mobile radios, including their radios’ ease of use (96.4%), clarity of audio (91.9%), coverage within their jurisdiction (84.7%) and coverage outside their jurisdiction (82.0%).
• Portable (handheld) radio users were remarkably satisfied with their radios’ features, including the radios’ ease of use (97.6%) and quality (92.9%). Satisfaction related to audio clarity registered at (88.9%), with coverage within their jurisdictions (81.9%).

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