CREST’s talented team of young technology professionals are finding innovative solutions to help first responders in rural areas like Shirley.

During the pandemic, Shirley Fire became inundated with calls for assistance in the back country as the remote hills beckoned off-road enthusiasts to outside and away from it all. Without radio communication, rescue missions put crews a risk.

To help, CREST engineers designed and custom-built a solar powered, repeater station that extended communication capabilities. This piece of ingenuity gave the Shirley Fire department a critical lifeline in their rescue work making it safer for them to do their jobs, and speeding up access to medical facilities for injured trail users.

“We, in the Capital Region, are very fortunate to have our own emergency communications organization,” said Juan de Fuca Electoral Area Director Mike Hicks. “When you are dealing with CREST, you are dealing locally with people that respond immediately, know the region and have the relationships on the ground. I can’t say enough good things about the CREST team. They are smart, innovative and highly skilled. Their work supports our region’s emergency responders ensuring that these brave men and women can perform their duties safely and with confidence 24/7.”

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